Your Business Needs Digital Marketing. Period.

Why digital marketing is the future and how it can enhance the value of your products?

Most people think digital marketing started when social media was born. Although the introduction of social media made it easy for marketers to speak to a broader audience, it is not where digital marketing started.

We can trace its humble beginnings back to the 90s as soon as man went online and web 1.0 was developed. And the rest, as they say, is history. Three decades later marketing on digital channels have dominated the advertising world. And because of that, it’s no longer a luxury. It’s a must for every business to invest in online marketing efforts including small ones.

Business owners need to be flexible. Entrepreneurship has evolved much like the way people communicated. Although traditional marketing still has its charms, integrating that with digital efforts can pave the way for your brand to reach a wider audience.

Why Should You Go Digital?

The answer is simple: everyone is online. And especially now that we have smartphones and WiFi/data connection, you probably can’t think of anyone not using an email address these days.

Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users around the world. It’s very likely that your target audience is one of its active users. It’s also wrong to assume that it’s only targeting a younger audience. In fact, statistics reveal that 62% of online seniors (aged 65+) are active on Facebook.

So if you are not online, what are you doing?

Here are the top reasons why businesses need digital marketing:

Digital Marketing is the Future

The Internet is growing and it continues to grow. As we further rely on technology for almost every aspect of our lives, it’s evident that it’s not just a trend. It’s here to stay.

Going digital has also proved its efficiency in sustaining businesses now with the current health crisis (COVID-19). With governments implementing stay-at-home orders, small businesses can’t rely on store visits and foot traffic anymore. Entrepreneurs need to innovate and find ways to facilitate transactions online.

Pre-pandemic stats also revealed that more than 4 billion people go online daily. This is about 53% of the world’s population. Clearly, your customers are online. If you have yet invested on creating an online presence like a Facebook Page or Instagram Page, you are losing opportunities.

Regardless of How Small, Digital Marketing Can Make Your Budget Can Work

Digital marketing allows small businesses to work with the budget they have. Facebook is basically FREE! All you need is good strategy, powerful content, and a bit of creativity to succeed.

And since everything can be easily tracked online, it makes it easier for business owners and marketers to see which efforts drive in results. There are so many analytics tools available in the market that can help provide data about your audience, their online behavior and interests, how they interact with your content, etc. This allows you to create targeted campaigns that cater to customer intent.

Creating content that your audience is interested in will generate organic following and shares (which is free advertising if you think about it). Digital marketing also helps you narrow down the reach of your campaigns to a more specific audience that you know are highly to convert thus, helping you control costs.

If your ad is not meeting your expected returns, you can quickly test and change variables like improving the message or adding a more powerful image/video to the ad. Or, simply reallocate the budget to a better performing ad.

Analytics gives you a better understanding of what efforts speak to your audience and how it affects their buying decisions.

Change in Buying Behavior

The way we search for products and services have changed too with the Internet. Doing a quick search on Google alone can provide customers with tons of information about a certain product they’re interested in buying.

This made consumers smarter when it comes to their purchases and research becomes an integral part of the buying process. Before deciding to buy, people now go online to check for reviews, and learn about the product and brand offered before finally coming up with a decision to make a purchase.

Make Your Business Work Harder

Unlike physical stores wherein you need several employees to keep the store open 24/7, your website can do the same for much less. Websites do not sleep or go on coffee breaks. It’s live and always available to your customers whenever they want to access it.

Digital Marketing Enhances Your Products’ Value

With consumer insights and analytics, you can use these data to improve your marketing strategy and offer.

Marketing today is no longer about pushing information to your potential customers but rather it’s about creating conversations, building relationships, and understanding your customers’ needs. By being able to understand customer pain points, you can effectively craft your message focusing on how your product can improve your customers’ life.

These are just some of the reasons why digital marketing is essential for small businesses. By integrating marketing channels, you can improve your business’ reach and eventually increase your bottom line.

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