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4 SEO Strategies That Work Best for Oil and Gas Companies

An oil and gas company is sure to benefit from having a website for getting more customers. However, with the amount of competition in the industry, it’s not as simple as having a website and waiting for it to bring people in. Putting up the website is just the start of the effort you need to put in for it to really work.

The website has to stand out against your competition, and that can be done through search engine optimization. SEO is what helps in attracting potential customers by making your content stand out in search engine results. That catches people’s attention, thus giving you a better chance at turning those site visitors into actual customers.

We shall now discuss the importance of SEO for oil and gas businesses and how good SEO can be achieved with 4 simple yet powerful strategies.

Why SEO is Important for Oil and Gas Companies

Websites of B2B companies, including oil and gas businesses, rely on SEO to create more brand awareness and stand toe to toe with the competition in the industry. They must showcase the business and what they offer that others don’t, and that’s done through having good SEO.

The process of SEO involves creating quality content and making sure that content is shown in search engine results of relevant keywords to increase website traffic, thus letting people interested in that content and those like it come to you. Those people are likely to be interested in your products and services as well, which they should find on your website.

SEO generates organic traffic in the long run, as opposed to advertisements that you have to pay lots of money in order to attract a lot of people for a short period of time. With that in mind, you can say that SEO offers a better return on investment than online advertising.

The higher your website ranks in search results compared to rival websites, the more people you bring in. To outrank the competition, search engines should see your website as high quality with good content related to relevant keywords of the subject. That gives your website higher authority, which should continually attract people with minimal marketing cost.

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List of SEO Strategies for Oil and Gas

Search engines seek a number of factors on a website to rank its content in search results. These elements need to be considered every time you create a page and develop content for your website.

Optimize URLs

One of the first things a search engine looks at when ranking web pages is the URL. Having a clear and concise description of the content in the URL, with dashes in place of spaces, is best practice. That makes it easier for search engines to index your pages and for users to determine what the content is about just by reading the URL. If the URL perfectly reflects the content, that will rank well.

Useful Content

Of course, high-quality content is what proves to be useful to those who consume it. The content must be relevant to your business and industry and provide value to users. It must also be unique and bring something new to the table that other websites don’t.

The more people who find your content to be useful and valuable, the better that page will rank in search rankings. That then brings even more people to that content, thus creating a positive feedback loop that boosts your ROI.

Use Keywords Well

When people look for stuff on search engines, they type in words or phrases related to the topic they’re interested in. Those words and phrases are called keywords in SEO, and they’re an essential component in optimizing your content for search engines.

You can use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or so on to come up with keywords related to your business and industry that people will use to find your content in search results. Those keywords should then be used naturally in the body text of your content. Make sure to not spam keywords all over your content as repetitive use of keywords is heavily discouraged.

During the early years of SEO, shady websites would cram tons of keywords in pages to “hack” search engines to show them in results just to get more page views, despite not having quality content. This practice is now penalized by search engines, removing pages with too many keywords from search rankings.

Build Quality Links

Link building is still standard practice in SEO as it serves as a basis of authority for your website. If other quality websites also link to your website, then your website will be seen as significant enough to be ranked higher in search results.
There are many ways to build links, like creating useful and informative content, hosting events in your community, guest blogging for other websites, and so on. Much like networking with other people within your industry, it can be seen as your website networking with other websites within the oil and gas industry.


You may either hire SEO services Grande Prairie or do it in-house. Either way, understanding key principles in SEO and how search engine algorithms work can help your website become a lead generating machine for your oil and gas business.

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